Christina Newdawn’s new book is

Freeing the Tiger Within


This book is for anyone who has ever felt trapped, stuck, given away their power, suffers from low self-esteem, or finds it hard to say no.
  • 347 pages
  • Fully Indexed
  • Self-diagnostic tools and worksheets

Freeing the Tiger Within is the story of the Author’s life-long search for love and acceptance in all the wrong places, joining a religious cult at age the age of fifteen, followed by two abusive relationships.

Through all of this she eventually came to realise that the cage she was imprisoned in was one of her own construction.

The good news was that she alone held the keys to her freedom. Her story points the way out of the traps of cycles of abuse, victimhood, destructive habits and thought patterns inherent in so many people who just want to be loved and accepted.

The reader is taken on a journey of self-discovery so they can free their own inner tiger, identifying their self-imposed cage and the bars that keep them imprisoned, such as:

  • Complacency and Apathy
  • The cycle of abuse and victimhood
  • Destructive habits and thought patterns
  • Addictions
  • Co-dependency and Enabling
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Low Self-esteem and Self-doubt
  • Fear

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When he came back home after three weeks of respite, the living room was all set up for him with an adjustable hospital bed.

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I need to back up here and mention that almost eighteen months earlier Ralph had been diagnosed with stage two brain cancer in his right frontal lobe.

Praise for Christina Newdawn…

“Christina’s ability to share her story will change lives. I couldn’t put it down! Anyone who has ever experienced powerlessness and loss of identity in a love, family or work-related relationship should read this. Release the tiger within and take control of your destiny with confidence. An excellent book, thoroughly recommended!”

Janinie Hartley

“Have you ever wondered about what you are doing in life, where you are going, and how you got to this point in the first place?

Have you ever experienced an abusive or difficult relationship and felt lost and alone? This book is an honest, raw account of one woman’s journey through life and the insights gained in order to free her tiger within. It will benefit and appeal to women of all ages.”

Ann Cansdale

I was deeply moved by Christina’s book. It seemed like it was written just for me. More power to you Christina! Thanks for your help.


“An honest account of a women’s journey to self-empowerment. There is a little of each of us in this story…sorrow, a sense of loss and not understanding why. With every page we begin to understand that love is letting go and forgiving ourselves. Thank you for the beautiful insight.



“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” 

   ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe